CENTRO STUDI D'ARTE ESTREMO-ORIENTALE (FAR EASTERN ART STUDY CENTRE) is a cultural association born in 1987, with the purpose of spreading and popularizing in our town (Bologna) and in Italy the rich artistic and cultural legacy of China, Japan, and Korea.

The president is Giovanni Peternolli, former professor of East Asian Art at the University of Bologna.

The director is Alessandro Guidi, former teacher of East Asian Culture at Catholic University, Milano and Brescia.

From 2008 to 2016, Manuela Moscatiello,
dottore di ricerca and maître de conférences in History of Art, now at Musée Cernuschi in Paris, was also part of the team of CSAEO.

CSAEO owns works of art: paintings, woodblock prints, objects; our collection is presently located and displayed at Palazzo Poggi Museum, University of Bologna, along with the Japanese Prints Collection of Del Monte Foundation.

CSAEO can also boast the largest Italian library concerning East Asian (particularly Japanese) art, with approximately 17,000 volumes.

CSAEO organizes exhibitions, lectures, special classes and seminars, events (concerts, tea ceremony, etc.) about various aspects of East Asian culture.


Kamigata-e: il coloratissimo mondo delle stampe di Osaka

Mostra al Museo di Palazzo Poggi
Inaugurazione il 19 ottobre

Caleidoscopio Giappone 2020

Rassegna a cura di CSAEO, Museo di Palazzo Poggi e Università di Yamagata

Visite guidate

Alla mostra "Kamigata-e: il coloratissimo mondo delle stampe di Osaka"


Korean language courses
Beginner/intermediate courses of Korean language, with our teacher Kim Hyunsook.
If you are interested, contact us.
Calligraphy and seal-carving school
Organized by Paola Billi and Nicola Piccioli

Contact us for information and accessions.


Centro Studi d'Arte Estremo-Orientale - Via S. Maria Maggiore, 1 - 40121 BOLOGNA - ITALY - Telefono e Fax: (+39) 051/6217504 - P.IVA. 92017370377 - email:info@csaeo.it
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